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Belinda Burdett (Early Childhood Teacher)

An amazing lady and an amazing book. We have been reading The Strongest Boy to our kindy class as part of our empathy program and the children just love it. The message about being strong of heart and mind is easily understood by the children. We have read this book to children who have suffered significant trauma and it has been a source of calm for them. Renee was even so generous to donate her book to the boys as it became one of their favourites, thank you Renee, we cant wait for the strongest girl.

Krysten Taprell – Psychologist, Author and Illustrator

“Rosie Leads the Way is a beautiful book that explores the true meaning of beauty. This book skilfully shatters the delusion of the ‘perfect princess’ and empowers girls to see their real beauty, being smart, strong and kind. This is an important message that we need to instil in our girls from a young age to counteract the inevitable pressure that they will face in this world of perfect image and social media.”