The Strongest Boy

“Max thinks he is the strongest boy in the world. He can do all sorts of tough tricks, like showing off his strong muscles, jumping off the furniture, pushing people over and even breaking things. His cheeky pet bird, Bruce tells him just how strong he is too. One day, Max and Bruce go to a birthday party and Max thinks he is the strongest, mightiest, coolest kid there. But why was everyone mad at him?”

The Strongest Boy addresses the powerful topic of toxic masculinity in a subtle,yet engaging way for young readers (age 3 -6 years).


Follow Max and Bruce as they learn what it truly means to be a strong male in today’s world!

Where can I purchase the Strongest Boy?

The Strongest Boy will be available worldwide and can be ordered online from all major book retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, Fishpond, Booktopia and many many more.  Link available soon.

Are Teacher notes available?

Stay tuned for teacher notes for both the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum.

What about Merchandise?

Of course! Link available soon.

And Free Downloads?

Yes, yes and yes! Colouring-in and activity sheets will be available for download soon!