Content is King!


Back in 1996, Bill Gates said that “Content is King“.  Now that social media has changed the advertising and marketing world, this statement is truer than it has ever been before.

Social media content has moved from beyond sharing funny memes and business card like advertisements.  Consumers today want video, pictures, multimedia and valuable content that they can learn from, grow from and engage with.

With the right kind of content on your websites and social media platforms,  you can expect to:

  1.  Gain higher organic engagement from customers.  
  2. Have a significant impact on SEO
  3. Generate leads and sales
  4. Add value to your product or service
  5. Increase traffic to your webpage
  6. Give your customers answers to problems
  7. Encourage loyalty from customers

There are 2.4 billion people that are active on social media, but how do you write content that they actually want to consume?

Do yourself a favour and find a content writer today!

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