Kerwin Rae Social Media Marketing for Writers

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Kerwin Rae: Fast Growth Summit in Brisbane. For those of you who have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Kerwin Rae yet; he is a businessman, investor, entrepreneur, author, and international speaker. His background story includes being diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia at age 7, being labelled ‘learning disabled’ at school, to living through 7 near death experiences. His unique philosophy on life, human behaviour, marketing, and business have led him to earn over a whopping 12 million dollars on Facebook alone. He now helps other business owners who have found their purpose by accelerating their growth and overcoming any obstacles on their entrepreneurial journey.

kerwin rae

So, what did I learn from Kerwin and how can it be applied to other authors and writers on their road to social media marketing success?

Post like no-one is watching:

The mere-exposure effect tells us that consumers need to be exposed to your book or author brand 20 times before they feel comfortable enough to buy it from you. This means you have to post regularly, so that people are exposed to your author brand often. Make a commitment to be consistent!

Post meaningful content:

You really need to avoid “buy my book” content and replace it with useful content. We are in the age of utility and consumers want goods and meaningful content. Ask yourself, what do I have to offer? What can I give my fans/audience? What do people want to know that will add value to their newsfeed?

Post videos, videos, and more videos:

Videos are becoming increasingly more popular on social media. Consumers who view video are almost twice as likely to purchase goods, then non-viewers. On Facebook, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared than any other types of content. If you do make a video you should upload it via Facebook rather than YouTube as Facebook native videos receive 70% more reach and almost double the engagement of shared YouTube links. You can also get more views on your videos if you use captions, as 85% of people watch videos in silence (on the bus, in bed, at work or even on the toilet). If you do have a video that is organically popular, then you should use a Facebook sponsored ad to target your audience more specifically. That way, you know you have good content because people have already liked it, and you are purposefully directing it to your target market group.

Post on multiple social media platforms:

Lots of people just post on the social media platforms they feel comfortable with (for us older folk, usually just facebook). In order to meet the mere-exposure effect and the familiarity principle of exposing consumers to your author brand 20 times, you need to post to different social media platforms. Get to know them all, and in particular get to know the demographic of each social media platform. People want different things from different platforms. Kerwin explained that Facebook allows for deep meaningful discussions and side discussions, but Instagram is more for likes and short comments. Snapchat users love behind the scenes content. Do your research and find out what content to post to which social media platform.

Other useful social media hacks:

  • Instagram users are more likely to press on an ad that they see because there aren’t as many ads on Instagram compared to Facebook
  • Best Instagram filter for photo is Mayfair
  • Pictures posted on Instagram and shared to Facebook can get greater reach
  • Shares from your Facebook author page to your personal profile can increase reach

Social Media has changed the face of marketing dramatically. We have moved well past the internet age and have been propelled head first into the social age. In Australia alone, we have 15 Million active users on Facebook, 15.7 million on YouTube, 9 million on Instagram, 4.2 Million on LinkedIn, 4 million on Snap Chat and 3 million on Twitter. On a global scale, the figures are even more phenomenal.

In the words of Kerwin Rae, are you showing up for your audience?


Happy posting!


Renee Irving Lee
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