Renee Irving Lee – Winner Qld AusMumpreneur Author of Year

Sunshine Coast mum wins gold at 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards

Renee Irving Lee, from the Sunshine Coast, who authored picture books, The Strongest Boy and Rosie Leads the Way has been named Author Award winner.

The awards were held online via Zoom where thousands of talented mums in business from all over the country tuned in to the livestream to support and encourage other Australian mumpreneurs.

Renee said she was excited to win in her category in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in such a challenging time.

Renee says: “I was absolutely ecstatic to win this award.  Like most of the finalists, I started out on this journey as a Mum on a mission and this award now gives me the opportunity to reach and support even more children by providing them with the social and emotional skills required to navigate this ever-changing, sometimes overwhelming world.”

“As a new business owner, it was very inspiring and uplifting to be surrounded by such strong, determined, and ambitious women in business.  I was honoured to be chosen as the winner from such a diverse group of high calibre female authors.”

The AusMumpreneur Awards are presented by The Women’s Business School and were created to inspire, celebrate and provide a community for Australian entrepreneurs, like Renee Irving Lee. Now more than ever Australian women need inspirational role models and a safe and supportive space to connect online, Peace Mitchell, cofounder of The Women’s Business School said.

“These awards are all about recognising the growing number of mums who are achieving outstanding business success while balancing motherhood, states Mitchell.

“I was blown away by the courage, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of the award winners and I know that they will provide great inspiration for other women considering starting their own business.”

This is the eleventh year the AusMumpreneur Awards have run, with the business mum community growing at lightning speed as mothers look for opportunities to join the ranks of small business owners in search of more flexibility, financial freedom and family time.

The Women’s Business School co-founder Katy Garner adds: “The awards show the passion of women who want to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams as well as be great mums. The number of women starting businesses has continued to grow in 2020! Of the 670,000 women operating a small business in Australia currently, around 50 per cent are mums with children at home.  We are proud to be the number one community for mumpreneurs and showcasing the best and the brightest each year through these awards.” 

“We are delighted that Renee Irving Lee has won this award, she has created an outstanding business and is an inspirational role model and ambassador for mums in business everywhere. We wish her and all our amazing AusMumpreneur Award winners every success.”

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Other Sunshine Coast Winners include:

Susan Toft of the Laundry Lady – Silver Award for Digital Innovation

Leonie Dawson of Leonie Dawson International – Gold Award in three categories for Global Brand, Business Coach and Making A Difference (Business)

Lisa Versaci of Cheeky Little Monkeys – Gold Award for Making a Difference Award (Community), Silver Award for Service Business and Bronze Award for People’s Choice Customer Service Award

Yogita Ridgley of Traveling With Me – Silver Award for Making a Difference Award (Health)

Kate Langford of Career Consulting – Silver Award for Business Excellence

Kym Cousins of Sprout Business Growth – Bronze Award for people’s choice Business Coach

“This delightful picture book explores the notion of how to be a strong boy. Rather than just using physical strength that often hurts others sometimes accidentally, Max learns better ways of being strong using his mind and his words. This is such an important message to share with all young children.” – Maggie Dent, parenting author, educator and resilience specialist

“What does ‘strong’ really mean in a world of faster, bigger, brighter? This book explains to young people in a simple language what ‘the other strong’ means and how it can positively affect people around us. “The Strongest Boy” can be a first step into clean masculinity”. – Gerold Mayr, Mankind Project QLD

“What a beautiful story to help children be the best they can be and make great choices with their friends. Max’s story shows children how small changes can make a huge difference.” – Dr Samantha Hornery, Learning Links Education Manager

“A sweet story with an important message, ‘beautiful’ is about being strong, smart and kind, not superficially ‘pretty’.  A lovely way to encourage engagement with children about positive values and self-image.  .” – Pinky McKay, Childcare Author and Lactation Consultant

“Rosie is a brilliant unintentional role model for girls.  A great book to read aloud, which is important as you’ll be asked to over and over, and beautifully illustrated.” – Kim McCabe, Parenting Expert, Girls’ Mentor, Author and Founder of Rites for Girls.

“This is a skilfully written story, deceptively simple but one that resonates with young children who are very focussed on the concepts of strengths, friendship and kindness. The delightfully vibrant and energetic illustrations help to capture and hold our interest.” – Sarah Harris, Early Childhood Teacher (45 years Experience)